To kindle the light of
wisdom within

To walk the Noble Path

And to be of service to humanity


Daily Practice

Guided Meditation

by Venerable Mahinda

Every minute of Metta, every minute of Mindfulness will bring the world greater peace and happiness.

Join us to practice Metta and Mindfulness from wherever you are, and at anytime as we navigate through these challenging times.

​Metta & Anapanasati Meditation
Guided by Ven Mahinda
14 Mins | 13Mb | Download

Guided by Sister Sumitra
12 Mins | 11.5 Mb | Download


From time to time, Bhante will share special messages, public talks, event recordings and dialogues with various organisations in the wider community. Be inspired.


It explains the essence of Buddhism as a way of life: how to live in peace and harmony with oneself and the world around us…

Dhamma Teachings

Provide meaning and direction in our lives

A Practice Community

Aloka – A practice environment

Located in NSW, Aloka Meditation Centre is where you can practice the Dhamma with liked-minded..

Australian Buddhist mission

was established in 1986 to promote the knowledge, practice and realisation of the Buddha’s teachings in Australia.

Spiritual Directors

In the Buddhist tradition, a spiritual friend is essential on the path of liberation..