Freeing of the mind: through Metta

Metta is a Pali word and means “loving-kindness” or “boundless love”. It is a wish for all sentient beings to be well and happy.
Metta is the unconditional love that breaks the divide between families, communities, nations, and the world.
Our cultivation of Metta helps to tune our minds to the frequency of love and compassion. It is a powerful healing force that will not only transform ourselves but also transform those around us.
In Buddhist cultivation,  Metta Bhavana – or loving-kindness practice, is one effective means by which we can attain tranquillity. 




Mettanisamsa Sutta

In Discourse on Blessings of Loving-kindness, The Exalted One
Spoke thus on loving-kindness:

asevitayaIt should be frequently recalled to mind


bahulikatayaenergetically practiced

yanikatayamastered like driving a vehicle

vatthukatayamade as a firm foundation

anutthitayaupheld in everything you do

paricitayamade familiar

susamaraddhayawell established

Blessings of Loving Kindness

Daily Practice

 Guided Meditation

by bhante mahinda 

Metta Recitation

15 mins 

30 mins

Conclude Prayer