Metta Sutta

Published: Dec 18, 2020

The Karaniya Metta Sutta provides a very comprehensive account of what, how and when to practise Metta, or loving-kindness. The Sutta outlines certain virtues which enable you to have some peace of mind, calmness and clarity, so that you will be able to cultivate Metta more effectively. It also defines the nature of Metta, radiating loving-kindness in a boundless manner to all conceivable beings – living near and far, in all directions; beings of all sizes and all grades.

  1. Metta Sutta: Introduction to Metta (25:22 min)
  2.  Metta Sutta: Explanation of the Metta Sutta (22:24 min)
  3.  The Story of Sama – Metta Parami (8:35 min)
  4.  The Story of Dhammapala – Metta Parami (4:59 min)

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