E-booklet series by Venerable Mahinda | BUDDHA DHAMMA SANGHA

Published: Jan 1, 2022

The aim of this series is to highlight the great qualities of the Buddha Dhamma Sangha and to draw inspiration for us to walk the Dhamma’s path.

In the words of Venerable Mahinda: “When we are living in fear and danger, worry and anxiety, we need to seek refuge in the Buddha Dhamma Sangha. We need their blessings, guidance and protection.

“Those who have faith and devotion to the Buddha will naturally find solace in times of need.

Those who have developed insights into the Dhamma will have greater awareness and acceptance of the ups and downs of life.

Those who connect with the Sangha will receive the necessary guidance and inspiration along the path.”


Volume 1 – Buddha

Volume 2 – Dhamma

Volume 3 – Sangha

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