Life’s Highest Blessings

Published: Dec 28, 2020


A series of Dhamma talks by Venerable Mahinda on the Mangala Sutta, the Buddha’s discourse on Life’s Highest Blessings.
In the words of Venerable Mahinda, “The Mangala Sutta provides meaning and direction in our lives. It can help both the young and the old to avoid making mistakes in life that will cause suffering to ourselves and others. When we listen to or read the teachings, we will realise what we have done right and what mistakes we have made, and what we need to do to compensate for our negligence and shortcomings.”

“Parents should not think that they have finished their duties towards their children after sending them to universities and training in certain professions. That is only the worldly aspect of life. They need to inspire them to walk the Dhamma’s path and lead a more spiritual way of life by way of example… especially in this time of crises”.



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